If Only I Could Fly

Gazing skyward and dreaming of flying…  and that’s how it starts.

Like so many others who eventually realized what flight was like, I remember being a young boy and staring up at the sky and having a dream. My boyhood home and farm was on the flight path for student pilots from our small country airport. As I worked long hours in the fields I would daydream watching Piper Cubs and Cessnas as they lazily flew over and made their turn go go back to the airport.

This painting has been my most popular piece because it resonates so well with so many people. I hope you enjoy the image and it brings back happy memories of those innocent days spent gazing up at the skies.

Canvas is shipped unstretched. Please feel free to contact me for more information or framing options.

Framed original oil is available. Please contact us for a quote;  Serious inquiries only.  *** ORIGINAL SOLD**** 

Prints on heavy archival stock in two sizes:

  • Print: Size 15 x 18 inches image size (19 x 23 inches overall size) – signed and numbered limited edition $125  
  • Premium Print: Size 22 x 27 inches image size (26 x 32 inches overall size) – signed and numbered limited edition $195
Limited edition rolled canvas in two sizes:
  • Canvas: Size 22 1/2 x 27 inches – signed and numbered limited edition is $345
  • Premium Enhanced Canvas:  Size 30 x 36 inches (same as original painting) – only 50 copies in the signed and numbered limited edition is $495