Almost Quittin’ Time



By early 1945, the air war over Germany had turned in favor of the allies. Though months of tough fighting remained, long range fighters like the P-51 Mustang and the continued pounding by American Bombers were ushering in the end game for the Germans.

In this painting, 78th Fighter Group P-51’s are escorting home B-17 Flying Fortresses. The primary Mustang, WZ-S was named, “Sherman Was Right” by her pilot 1Lt. Frank E. Oiler. The name was inspired by a famous speech given by Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman where he spoke of “war being hell.” The second mustang in the scene WZ-H was named Mischievous Nell and flown by Capt. James Farmer. Unfortunately WZ-S was lost on March 4th 1945. The ship was flown that day by 2Lt. Louis Hereford on an escort mission to Augsberg.

The B-17s in Rick’s painting are from the 303rd Bomb Group based at Molesworth, England. As the formation nears the coast of England at the end of the day. the Mustangs will peel off and head for their home at Duxford, England. Though everyone has to remain vigilant, the crews are mindful that it is “almost quittin’ time” for the day………and hopefully soon for the air war.

Almost Quittin’ Time is available in two versions:

  • Archival Paper Print, Limited Edition: Size is 10″ x 30″ – Signed and numbered limited edition of 78 prints is $165
  • Limited Edition Rolled Premium Canvas: Size is 10″ x 30″ – Signed and numbered canvas is $345

Last Demo, Baby

Last Demo, Baby


Who can forget the Hollywood film Top Gun? Though the movie put a young Tom Cruise on the map the real star of the show was the mighty F-14 Tomcat!

The Grumman build fighter was the U.S. Navy’s fleet defense fighter from 1975 until 2005. Being assigned to a Tomcat squadron was the dream of every Naval aviator during those years. Only the best were selected for Tomcats.

This painting depicts the final air show demonstration flown by an F-14 crew prior to the retirement of all Tomcats from Navy service in 2005.  Last Demo, Baby was commissioned by Radar Intercept Officer (RIO)  Joe “Smokin” Ruzicka. Smokin who had the distinction of flying the final air demo with his pilot, Jack “Rocco” Tangredi.

Last Demo, Baby is available in three versions:

  • Archival Paper Print, Limited Edition: Size is 15″ x 25″ – Signed and numbered limited edition of 114 prints is $179
  • Limited Edition Rolled Premium Canvas: Size is 18″ x 30″ – Signed and numbered canvas is $445
  • Limited Edition Rolled Premium Canvas: 24″ x 40″  Signed and numbered canvas is $545
Contact me for info about reprinting the Tomcat in your favorite squadron markings!!



Animas Crossing: Making Steam for Silverton

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image


Ole Engine number 480 is building a head of steam as the locomotive and passenger cars cross the Animas River at Timber Bridge. This newest painting is my first work depicting the great steam locomotives of the past.

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (D&SNG) is a narrow gauge heritage railroad that operates 45.2 miles of track between Durango and Silverton, Colorado.

The route was originally opened in 1882 by the Denver & Rio Grande Railway to transport silver and gold ore mined from the San Juan Mountains. The line was an extension of the narrow gauge line from Antonito, Colorado to Durango. The last train to operate into Durango from the east was on December 6, 1968. The states of New Mexico and Colorado purchased 64 miles between Antonito and Chama, New Mexico, in 1970 and operates today as the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.

The line from Durango to Silverton has run continuously since 1881. It is currently a tourist and heritage line hauling passengers and is one of the few places in the U.S. which has seen continuous use of steam locomotives.

This image is available in three versions:

  • Archival Paper Print, Limited Edition: Image size is 14″ x 24″ – Signed and numbered limited edition of 250 prints is $145
  • Limited Edition Rolled Canvas: 17″ x 29″  signed and numbered limited edition of only 60 is $475
  • Premium Full Sized Canvas:  34″ x 58″ (same as original painting) – only 15 signed and numbered, limited edition available at $995


Teammates – Click for larger image

During WWII, the U.S. Army Air Corps was the most dashing and sought out service branch that a young man could join. There was a certain romanticism of taking the war to the enemy, high above the ground in the unique flying machines of the day.

The Air Corps also took the highest casualties of the war. While British bombers struck Germany by night, American bombers attacked the Reich during daylight hours and many were shot down by German flack and fighters.  It wasn’t until the P-51 Mustang entered combat in the summer of 1944 that bomber crews had escort fighters that could guard them all the way to the targets in Germany and back to the safety of England.

In this painting , a damaged, Consolidated B-24 Liberator is on a lonely journey back to its base. The damage to the airplane has slowed it down and as the rest of the formation pulled ahead and is now out of sight.  The Liberator crew is on their own still in danger from the enemy. All of the sudden a P-51 Mustang  appears and pulls up in front of the wounded bird giving the crew something to ease their nerves. The escort fighters were called “little friends” by the bomber crews and although the missions of the airplanes were very different they were non-the-less, Teammates!

Teammates now available as a limited edition print OR canvas.

Print on heavy archival stock:

  • Premium Print: 12″ x 30″ signed and numbered limited edition of only 150 prints signed and numbered:  $245 
Limited edition canvas:
  • Premium Full Sized Canvas: 16″ x 40″  (same size as original oil painting) – only 50 signed and numbered limited editions available at only $495

Canvas is shipped rolled,; prepared for stretching and framing.

Red Devils over Ramadi

The finest Close Air Support aircraft ever built has been the venerable A-10 Thunderbolt II, more commonly known as the “Warthog!”  The A-10 entered service in the 1970’s and has proven itself in combat into its fourth decade of service. Though the United States Air Force has sought to retire the airplane since the 1990’s in favor of newer and higher tech airframes, the Warthog continues to survive and save countless lives of U.S. and coalition troops in every theater the airplane has served in.  This newest painting and print was commissioned by a member of the 107th Fighter Squadron upon the squadron’s return from combat in Iraq.

The story of the action is printed on the bottom of each print (see below) along with the squadron and wing patches of the Red Devils.

The 107th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron in Operation
9 April to 16 October 2015
The 107th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron “Red Devils” based at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan
deployed its A-10C “Warthog” aircraft to Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base, Kuwait in support of coalition operations.  
While deployed, the unit became part of the 332d Expeditionary Operations Group which is a direct descendent
organization of the 332nd Fighter Group “The Tuskegee Airmen” also known as the Red Tails.  The Red Devils
and supporting Airmen of the 127th Wing proudly carried on the legacy of the Red Tails, adding yet another
chapter to the long history of Selfridge’s combat service.  

Print on heavy archival stock:

  • Premium Print: 23″ x 31 with image area 18″ x 27″ signed and numbered limited edition of 75 is only $135
Limited edition artist’s canvas:
  • Premium Full Sized Canvas: 24″ x 36″  (same size as original oil painting) – only 15 signed and numbered limited editions available at $425

Canvas is shipped rolled.

Dropping the Hammer, Operation Opera


DroppingtheHammer, Operation Opera

Click for Larger Image

Early in the evening of 7 June, 1982, eight Israeli Air Force F-16’s appeared in sky near Baghdad Iraq.

The target was the Osiris Nuclear Reactor at the Al-Tuwaitha Nuclear Research center. In this scene the last jet in the formation flown by Ilan Ramon has just dropped his bombs. The mission had been months in the planning stages and was led by IAF Col. Ze’ev Raz. The F-16’s chosen for the mission had only been in the IAF inventory for a little over a year and the airplane had never been flown in combat prior by either the United States or any of the allies operating the Fighting Falcon.

The operation was thought to be a one way suicide mission by several of the pilots, but after the successful strike, all the aircraft returned home and landed without a scratch. The threat to the nation of Israel neutralized!

Prints on archival stock:

  • Print: Size 20″ x 30″ image size (25″ x 34″ overall size) – signed and numbered limited edition of 150 is $295
Limited edition canvas:
  • Canvas: 26″ x 40″ – signed and numbered limited edition of 50 is only $450


Grand Canyon Lightning

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image


Two Lockheed P-38 Lightnings outrun a summer thunderstorm as they fly below the weather and over the majestic landscape of the Grand Canyon.

The P-38 was manufactured by Lockheed aircraft company in Burbank, California during World War II. The airplane flew with Army Air Corps units in both the Pacific and European theaters. These particular Lightnings are on a ferry flight to the US East Coast to then be shipped by sea to fight against Nazi Germany. The lead airplane in the painting is P-38-L serial number 44-24630 and would serve with the 367th Fighter Group in France in 1944. The airplane became the personal mount of the units commanding officer, Colonel (Later General) Edwin S. Chickering.

Prints on heavy archival stock in two sizes:

  • Premium Print: 12″ x 25″ signed and numbered limited edition of 100 is $175
Limited edition rolled canvas in two sizes:
  • Canvas: 18″ x 36″  signed and numbered limited edition of 50 is $495
  • Premium Enhanced Full Sized Canvas:  24″ x 48″ (same as original painting) – only 10 signed, numbered, and artist enhanced limited edition available at $975


GCL Framed

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates available in these convenient amounts:
    • $75
    • $150
    • $250
    • $500

Certificates will be sent via email or USPS.

Other amounts available upon request. Contact me through my website, via email, or phone.

If Only I Could Fly

Gazing skyward and dreaming of flying…  and that’s how it starts.

Like so many others who eventually realized what flight was like, I remember being a young boy and staring up at the sky and having a dream. My boyhood home and farm was on the flight path for student pilots from our small country airport. As I worked long hours in the fields I would daydream watching Piper Cubs and Cessnas as they lazily flew over and made their turn go go back to the airport.

This painting has been my most popular piece because it resonates so well with so many people. I hope you enjoy the image and it brings back happy memories of those innocent days spent gazing up at the skies.

Canvas is shipped unstretched. Please feel free to contact me for more information or framing options.

Framed original oil is available. Please contact us for a quote;  Serious inquiries only.  *** ORIGINAL SOLD**** 

Prints on heavy archival stock in two sizes:

  • Print: Size 15 x 18 inches image size (19 x 23 inches overall size) – signed and numbered limited edition CHRISTMAS DEAL is $99 (regular price is $125)  
  • Premium Print: Size 22 x 27 inches image size (26 x 32 inches overall size) – signed and numbered limited edition CHRISTMAS DEAL is $175 (regular price is $245) 

For standard shipping in time for Christmas, order must be placed by TUESDAY, December 20.  

You may expedite shipping:

  • Print: Size 15 x 18 inches image size (19 x 23 inches overall size) – signed and numbered limited edition CHRISTMAS DEAL is $99 (regular price is $125) – WITH EXPEDITED SHIPPING (2-day delivery)  
  • Premium Print: Size 22 x 27 inches image size (26 x 32 inches overall size) – signed and numbered limited edition CHRISTMAS DEAL is $175 (regular price is $245) WITH EXPEDITED SHIPPING (2-day delivery) 


Limited edition rolled canvas in two sizes:
  • Canvas: Size 22 1/2 x 27 inches – signed and numbered limited edition is $345
  • Premium Enhanced Canvas:  Size 30 x 36 inches (same as original painting) – only 50 copies in the signed and numbered limited edition is $495


Horse of a Different Color: A Newfound Freedom

Horse of a Different Color: A Newfound Freedom

Horse of a Different Color: A Newfound Freedom                   (click for larger image)

In the mid to late nineteenth-century, the frontier and its rugged heroes became the protagonists of American lore. Cowboys were popular symbols of freedom across the nation, and their seemingly romantic lives in the West fascinated Americans who were forced to remain in stifling urban centers. As barbed wire enclosed more and more of the open range and true cattle driving cowboys became a rare breed, a new embodiment of freedom landed in the frontier.  In the early 1900’s, there was a new symbol of freedom found in aviation.  With a newfound dominion over the skies and a legendary lordship of the open range, freedom and its many forms was central to life in the American West.

In this painting, a Curtis JN-4 Jenny has made a surprise landing in a pasture within the Teton Valley of Wyoming. Running low on gas, flying over rugged territory, the pilot decided to set down and seek replenishment from a local shopkeeper. As this unusual event is taking place some of the locals happen upon the scene. You can only imagine what the cowboy and his herd must be thinking:  “Well, tarnation, look at that! Now that’s what I call, “A Horse of a Different Color!!”

Framed original oil is available. Please contact us for a quote.   **ORIGINAL OIL SOLD**

This original is offered in three limited editions:

Canvas signed limited edition of 100 and Artist Premium Enhanced Canvas signed limited edition of only 15.

Print on heavy archival stock:

  • Premium Print: Size 14 x 36 inches (18 x 40 overall size)  – signed and numbered limited edition is $225
Limited edition canvas:
  • Canvas: Size 14 x 36 inches with only 100 in the signed and numbered limited edition.  Limited edition is $385
  •  Artist Premium Enhanced Canvas:  Size 14 x 36 inches with 15 copies in the signed and numbered limited edition is $525

Canvas is shipped unstretched. Please feel free to contact me for more information or framing options.

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Sword of Thunder

Sword of Thunder

Sword of Thunder (click for larger image)

From the earliest days of armed conflict, mankind carried weapons into battle under the power and intimidation of Horseback. Warriors from the all four corners of the globe charged into the face of their enemies with the advantage of height, speed, power. and the thunderous noise of an oncoming cavalry.

This painting, “Sword of Thunder,” was commissioned by the Boeing Company to celebrate the delivery of the new Apache Longbow presented to The Royal Saudi Land Forces of Saudi Arabia. The RSLF traces their history back to Bedouin warriors riding into battle on their powerful, beautiful Arabian steeds.

In this painting, Rick captures the power, intimidation, and lethality of the modern helicopter gunship juxtaposed to the warrior history of centuries prior.

This painting is available in a variety of sizes on both Canvas and Paper.

  • Canvas sizes are: 26 x 36 inches with only 64 in the limited edition.  Premium edition is $435.00
  • Canvas size 18 x 24 inches with 100 copies in the signed and numbered limited edition is $265.00
  • Premium Paper edition, measuring 21 x 29 inches and consisting of 64 signed and numbered prints is $295.00
  • Collectors Paper edition, measuring 16 x 22 inches, contains 100 prints in the edition is $165.00

Thunder over Kunar

Thunder Over Kunar by Rick Herter
Rick Herter was commissioned by the 74th Fighter Squadron, the World Famous Flying Tigers, while they were still deployed and in combat over the skies of Afghanistan in 2013. The squadron requested a specific battle that they had flown in, re-created by the artist and the result is his finest A-10 piece to date, Thunder over Kunar.   Early on the morning of 6 April 2013, a small American team in Kunar Province, Afghanistan became surrounded by a much larger enemy force. Taking heavy fire and in danger of being overrun, the American element called for Close Air Support; the call was answered by A-10s from the 74th Fighter Squadron. Working in close coordination with AH-64 Apaches and AC-130 gunships, the several flights of “Hawgs” located, marked and prosecuted numerous enemy positions on the high terrain. When a Quick Reaction Force convoy was sent to extract the American team, it, too, took heavy fire from the surrounding mountains as it bottlenecked in the treacherous passes. The 74th pilots worked throughout the day to break contact with the enemy, expending 5,470 rounds of 30 mm cannon and 4500 lbs of ordnance in a firefight that lasted eight hours. The A-10s remained overhead until all friendly forces were extracted; the Taliban ended the day in full retreat, having suffered over 50 casualties.

Click here to see a larger image.

Order: Thunder Over Kunar

The overall print size is 26 1/2″ High x 33″ Wide. The print image area is, 21 1/2 x 30

The Standard Edition is signed and numbered by the artist with 174 prints in the edition. The print will also be signed by several Flying Tiger pilots of the current 74th FS.

  • Standard Edition Prints: $145.00
The Chennault Edition is signed and numbered and limited to 50 prints. Each print has a P-40 drawing by the artist reproduced in the Drawingboarder of the print. In addition to the drawing the print is also signed by several members of the current squadron who flew combat over Afghanistan
  • Chennault edition: $225.00

Taking the Scenic Tour

Click image to see a larger view.

** NOW AVAILABLE – Limited Edition Canvas**

The F-14 Tomcat has been the Navy’s front line fighter since the 1970’s. In Rick Herter’s scenic portrayal, three Tomcats on a cross country flight enjoy a majestic view of the surrounding landscape. This historic formation features an F-14A from VF-14, the Top Hatters, in the lead. The right wing aircraft is an F-14B from VF-143, the world Famous Pukin Dogs. Completing the formation is the newest version of the Tomcat, an F-14D Super Tomcat of VF-31 the Tom Catters. The F-14 Tomcats have all been retired. All three of these squadrons were based at NAS Oceana, VA, which as home for all Tomcat Squadrons that served on east coast based aircraft carriers.  Oceana is also known as the home of Fighter Wing, Atlantic Fleet.

Order: Taking the Scenic Tour

**NEW** Limited Canvas Edition

  • Limited Edition Prints: 20″ x 8″
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Paper Print – 200 Limited Editions….$75
  • Limited Edition Canvas: 41″ x 16″ 
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Only 114 Limited Editions….$550 free shipping
  • Limited Edition Canvas with personalized squadrons on all three airplanes….$895 free shipping

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Where in the World is Rick Herter?

Rick is out of town at an undisclosed location working on a special project.

This is a surprise for the honoree.  The details and location information will be revealed soon! Here is a photo of Rick as he begins the project.  Check back for updates and more photos!

Work continues.  Here is the latest photo from the top secret location today:

Photos from earlier this week:

Into the Wind; The USS Enterprise on Yankee Station

One of the most storied warships to ever sail the oceans was the USS Enterprise, CVN-65. The Enterprise, the world’s first nuclear powered aircraft carrier was launched on November 25, 1961 and served for 51 years until inactivated on December 1, 2012.

The first deployment at the tip of the spear for the gallant warship was in the fall of 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Rounding out her career, Enterprise and her strike aircraft supported combat operations in the skies over Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Into the Wind, Enterprise on Yankee Station” depicts a typical combat service off the coast of Vietnam.  The waters off the coast of Vietnam were nicknamed “Yankee Station” by the carriers and their crews. In this particular scene, fighters and strike aircraft from the Carrier Air Wing launch into the color drenched, tropical sky for an early evening attack on North Vietnamese targets. F-4 Phantoms will provide the protective escort against enemy MiG’s while A-6 Intruders and A-4 Skyhawks will rain steel.

As the artist, my hope is that this image will be a fitting tribute to the great ship and all who crewed and flew from her deck, during times of peace and war.

Click here to see a larger image.


Order: Into the Wind

Signed and numbered.

Choose from:

• Open Edition Print – Signed…$125

Image area 10″ x 18″ – overall print size 14″ x 22″

• Limited Edition Print (only 65 available) – Signed and numbered with USS Enterprise Logo.

Image area 15″ x 27″ – overall print size 20″ x 31″ …$295.00

• Limited Edition Canvas – Signed, numbered, and hand embellished by the artist

Size is the same as the original oil painting – 20″ x 36. This personalized canvas will have a portion of the image, hand painted by the artist.   $595.00

Contact the artist for frame sizes and pricing.


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Today in the studio…

“Flying the Union Jack” is the working title for the latest A-380 painting in my series for Airbus.

This painting will showcase the first A-380 to enter service with British Airways a little later this year.  As the majestic aircraft flies down the River Thames, if you look closely, you will be able to pick out landmarks like Big Ben, Parliament, and the London Eye. It was said that the sun never sets on the British Empire. With each passing month, more A-380s are being delivered to airlines around the world.  The sun never sets on A-380 flights around the globe.

Prints will be available once Airbus receives the original oil painting and presents it to British Airways.

From the Studio to Thailand

It continues to fascinate me that I can work with people around the world via modern technology and the internet. This painting of the USS Enterprise on Yankee Station during Vietnam is one of my current projects. The piece was commissioned by a customer in Bangkok, Thailand.

As the painting has come to life, I’ve been able to email these photos of progress every few days.   My customer, Chakrit, has been able to interact with me and watch his painting come to life. It’s not quite as personal as having him come by the studio and watch. Nonetheless, technology has connected customer and artist and we’ve both had fun as a result!

If you may be interested in commissioning an original painting, go to the “contact” tab and shoot me a note! Or feel free to email me at  We can discuss options that make a piece affordable for almost anyone.





Live from the studio…

This is happening right now in the studio. Work continues on the USS Enterprise as Rick begins work on the island of the aircraft carrier. The F-4 Phantom has just been launched.  The H-3 aircrew rescue helicopter is flying parallel to the carrier during flight ops.

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Tonight in the studio…


The USS Enterprise drawing “on the canvas” is nearly finished. I’ve been experimenting with the sizes and angles of the Phantom launching off the catapult, the rescue helicopter, and the escort destroyer. The next thing I’ll do before beginning to paint is to sketch in the basic skyscape. Once finished, this painting will begin a long journey to its new home with a collector in Bangkok, Thailand.

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What’s New in the Studio?

This sketch of the USS Enterprise is for a painting commissioned by an overseas collector. This particular collector owns my limited edition print of the USS Ranger and my Giclee canvas of the USS Lincoln. He loved the Lincoln so much that he commissioned an original painting. The historical time for the Enterprise piece will be the Vietnam era. I’ll post photos of the work in progress and you’ll see the painting come to life.  Stay tuned for more!

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National Guard Honor

One of the highlights of my career is working with men and women in our armed forces. Several years ago I worked with the North Dakota Air National Guard out of Fargo and flew with them in the F-16 on a “Noble Eagle” mission over Washington, DC.  This experience, and several weeks of research with members of the unit, culminated in my painting, “First Pass, Defenders over Washington.” The painting depicts the moment in time when NDANG pilot, Capt. Dean Eckmann arrived over the Pentagon just a few minutes after the September 11, 2001 attack.

As a result of that project I made many friends and have had the opportunity to support the North Dakota Guard via my art. I’m honored for beingincluded in the 2013 Family Support calendar! Thank you all, out there in Rough Rider Country!

There are less than 100 signed and numbered limited edition prints available out of the original 1250.

Go to:   “First Pass, Defenders over Washington” to view the larger image.



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The New American

Congratulations to my friends at American Airlines on the recently unveiled “New Look” of the New American. I had the honor of meeting a few of the staff and employees as I signed prints for them during an event sponsored by Airbus.  Airbus commissioned a painting that was presented to the airline in celebration of their history and the future of the “New American.”  The design of the new livery was not yet finalized so I was not able to incorporate it into this painting. Signed prints are still available on my website.

To see the print:  Click Here

Above:  Left to Right

Rick Herter, Artist.  Herb Franck, Vice President of Airline Sales, Airbus. Tom Horton, CEO, American Airlines.  Barry Eccleston, CEO Airbus Americas













Rick signs prints for staff

photo credits:



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In the studio tonight…

Rick works on a preliminary sketch for a future project. So this is where it begins… Details coming soon!

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Shipped from the studio today!

Orient Express

Thai Airways Airbus A-380

Commissioned by Airbus (Toulouse, France) to be presented as a gift to Thai Airways (Bangkok, Thailand). Rick loved creating this due to the rich colors found along the coastal shore of Thailand. Out of several Airbus paintings he has created, this one has the most unique and colorful paint scheme.

Click here to see a larger image.


Commissioned work only.   

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If Only I Could Fly

I grew up on a farm in Southwest Michigan. The small town airport of Dowagiac was only a few miles away. A single, short, paved runway, an intersecting grass strip and a few hangars and ramshackle buildings made up the airstrip and FBO. The place I loved to ride my bike to was managed by a former WWII pilot by the name of Don LaPoint. Don flew B-24’s over Europe in the war and then returned home to run the airport and a small flight school. My very first airplane ride was purchased by my Mom and on my 13th birthday my feet finally slipped the fetters of earths gravity, for a ride with Don in a Cessna 150.

Because of the layout from the air and the distance from the airport, our farm was a navigational point and students would make a turn over the fields I worked in as a young boy. I spent many a moment gazing up through the hot sunshine of a summer day at Cessnas and Pipers as they flew over. The most vivid memory was of wishing that it was me up there and wanting to experience the adventure of flight. Little did I know that my artistic skills, yet developing at the time, would be the route to fulfilling that dream someday.


Click here to see a larger image.


Order print of: If Only I Could Fly

NEW!  Available now!

Signed and numbered – Limited Edition

Choose from:

• 150 Paper Print Editions …$95
Image area: 8″ x 12″  – Printed size: 11″ x 15″

• Only 25 Artist Proofs …$185
Image area: 8″ x 12″  – Printed size: 11″ x 15″ with additional remarque drawing

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Dawn Operations, Abe Lincoln Style

The USS Lincoln, like many of her sister ships, are floating cities. Each is a self-sustained floating airport that’s sovereign U.S. territory. When deployed, they operate with their own ZIP code, post office, hospital, dental clinic, barbershops, athletic facilities and chapels. More than 18,000 meals are prepared daily for a crew of over 5000. The Carrier Air Wing, or CVW operates with approximately 80 aircraft from rescue helicopters to fighter aircraft and the ship and aircraft operate 24/7.

In my painting I wanted to capture this awesome warship that never sleeps, juxtaposed to even greater elements of the sky and sea at dawn. If you look closely you’ll see an aircraft about to be launched, it’s afterburners glowing in anticipation of being flung down the deck by the catapult. Aircraft from past deployments like the now retired F-14 Tomcat sit parked near the fan tail of the vessel. And on final approach an F/A-18 Hornet is about to trap (land) aboard. You also see one of the many additional vessels of the Carrier Battle Group. An escort destroyer plies the waters ahead of the mighty Lincoln giving protection and support on another long day of operations. As the artist I dedicate this painting to all sailors, past and present, who stand watch worldwide for liberty and freedom.

Click here to see a larger image.


Order: Dawn Operations, Abe Lincoln Style

Signed and numbered.

Choose from:

• 172 Printed Paper Editions …$125
Printed size: 11″ x 21″

• 172 Canvas Limited Editions (Unstretched)…$295
Canvas size: 14″ x 24″

• Canvas stretched on wooden stretcher bars….$345
Canvas size: 14″ x 24″

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In the Courtyard of God

A Navy F-14 Tomcat from Fighter Squadron Two, The Bounty Hunters, cruises above a brilliant sunlit cloud deck. As the crew makes haste for their destination the subtle colors of the afterburner are visible against the oncoming night sky.

Click here to see a larger image.

Not your squadron? The canvas edition can be customized to include your squadron markings and even F-14 variant!  Contact me for details.

Order a print of: In the Courtyard of God

Prints are signed by the artist and numbered


Choose from:

  • 114 Paper Giclée Limited Editions….$155
  • 114 Canvas Giclée Limited Editions (Rolled)….$235
  • 114 Canvas Giclée Limited Editions (Stretched)….$285
  • Canvas Giclée Limited Edition w/ customization* (Rolled)….$385
  • Canvas Giclée Limited Edition w/ customization* (Stretched)….$435
  • Overall size (paper): 16″ x 25″
  • Image size (both canvas & paper): 12″ x 22″
  • *Add customization to any squadron markings or Tomcat model variant! (Please indicate squadron and variant in comments section during checkout. Expect an additional 2-3 weeks for customization.)


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Solitude Over the Grandure

A lone P-51 Mustang makes a solitary cross-country flight above the mighty and expansive Grand Canyon. At the end of WWII, hundreds of Mustangs, along with numerous other types of war surplus aircraft, made similar flights. These flights took the once noble and gallant war machines to the aircraft graveyards of the southwestern United States. Once there, these airplanes that led the allies to victory became material for the welders cutting torch. Who knows how many a pilot shed a bittersweet tear as he flew his beloved aircraft over the wondrous beauty of the Grand Canyon on its last flight.

Click here to see a larger image.

Solitude Over the Grandure


Signed by the artist and numbered

      • 200 Limited Edition prints….$75
      • 8″ x 20″


      • 51 Limited Edition Canvases…. $495
      • 17″ x 36″


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The New Dynasty

This painting was commissioned in 2005 by Rolls Royce North America, for whom Rick Herter has been painting regularly since 1997. Many of the paintings Herter has created for the company hang in the corporate board rooms of Rolls Royce customers around the world.

The New Dynasty is the first known fine art oil painting created by any artist of the new Boeing 787 Dream Liner. Up until now the images of the airplane have all been computer generated since the aircraft does not yet exist. The aircraft was painted with the help of schematic drawings and models that Boeing supplied to the artist. This painting was created to celebrate the business relationship between Rolls Royce, their engine customer Northwest Airlines and friends at Boeing. The Dream Liner is Boeing’s vision of the future of point-to-point airline travel. The aircraft has the range to operate both domestically and on the international stage as well. Much of Northwest’s history has been tied to their international Asian routes.

Rick Herter thought the tie between the new world of aviation technology and the old world of China made a perfect match both in image and name, hence the title “The New Dynasty.”

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Gulfstream aircraft have always been considered the finest of all private and corporate jets. Perhaps there is no other aircraft as beautiful in the air as the new Gulfstream 550, which is shown front and center in this print. The 550 has set the new benchmark for technology and performance in the luxury jet market. Ghosted into the skyscape is the gulfstream that began the storied lineage the G-1. This print celebrates over 50 years of Gulfstream heritage.

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LAN, Bridge across the Andes

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner of LAN Airlines in South America graces the beautiful Andes mountaintops in Peru. In the background, an Airbus A-350 from TAM Airlines passes. The opposite perspective (TAM in the foreground and LAN in the background) is presented in Rick Herter’s other work, “TAM, Bridge Across the Andes”.

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Jewels of the Emirate

The largest passenger aircraft in the world, the double-decker Airbus A-380 flown by Emirates makes for an awesome sight as it passes over Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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The Color of Courage

“In the summer of 2008, I received a call from a film director for George Lucas. Mr. Lucas wanted to film a movie dedicated to the Tuskegee Airmen. Out of those conversations for possible involvement in the film, this painting began.

The Tuskegee Airmen began as a WW II experiment in integrating African-American soldiers into the cockpits of combat aircraft. Many in the white command structure of the armed forces thought this was a foolhardy idea because they thought that these men had neither the mental capability to learn to fly or the courage needed in combat. Were it not for orders from President Roosevelt himself, one of the greatest stories of WW II would have never been written.

The Tuskegee Airmen went on to achieve such notable success in the skies over Italy and Europe that bomber squadrons commanded by white officers would request that the unit specifically be used to escort them through the dangerous skies above Germany.

In this painting, one of the Tuskegee Airmen flying his red-tailed Mustang, gives chase fast and low to a German Focke-Wulf 190. The Red Tails, as they were called, destroyed close to 300 enemy aircraft and had the lowest bomber escort loss rate of any American air unit during the war.

I have used some artist’s license in the creation of this piece. Historically the Red Tails had several low level chases that led to aerial kills and those kills inspired my painting. But those victories were in the summer and fall of 1944 flying the earlier “B” model Mustangs. The unit transitioned into the “D” model in late 1944. Though my painting does not portray an actual specific event, I chose to paint the “D” for it’s more striking lines, giving chase over a full foliage landscape which probably would not have been found during the late war operation of the airplane in the hands of the Red Tails. I think it makes for a more dramatic and colorful work of art and I hope you enjoy it.” ~Rick Herter

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Clearing the Path

The silence of the rugged Afghan landscape is broken by the shock and awe of British airborne forces. The path through enemy territory is cleared by the ferocity of an AH-64 Apache Longbow flown by the British 9th regiment. Coming in hot on the Apache’s heels is a CH-47 Chinook carrying in British ground forces. The original painting of Clearing the Path was commissioned by a corporate client of Rick Herter’s and presented to the British 9th Regiment in honor of the unit’s heroic service in Afghanistan.

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CAS with Teeth

In 2003 Rick was invited by the Air Force to travel to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. While there, he would help historically document the Air Force mission through art for the Air Force Art Program. The artist flew several missions over the length and breadth of the country. One of the places he visited was the captured Iraqi Air Base at Tallil, which is near Basra. A-10 Warthogs from the 110th Fighter Wing, Michigan Air National Guard and the 23rd Fighter Group, Pope Air Force Base, were flying missions from the air base against Iraqi targets.

CAS is the military term for Close Air Support. In this dramatic scene a Hawg from the 23rd FG, 74 FS makes a tight, descending turn as he begins ingress against a target in downtown Baghdad. The Hawg pilot has started to dispense flares to draw off any potential SAM missiles from his heavily armed aircraft. In the distance you’ll notice the Hawg driver’s wingman pulling up to altitude after his attack on the target. The reference photos used in this painting were taken by the artist on one of his missions over Baghdad.

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