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Orient Express

Thai Airways Airbus A-380

Commissioned by Airbus (Toulouse, France) to be presented as a gift to Thai Airways (Bangkok, Thailand). Rick loved creating this due to the rich colors found along the coastal shore of Thailand. Out of several Airbus paintings he has created, this one has the most unique and colorful paint scheme.

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Commissioned work only.   

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The New Dynasty

This painting was commissioned in 2005 by Rolls Royce North America, for whom Rick Herter has been painting regularly since 1997. Many of the paintings Herter has created for the company hang in the corporate board rooms of Rolls Royce customers around the world.

The New Dynasty is the first known fine art oil painting created by any artist of the new Boeing 787 Dream Liner. Up until now the images of the airplane have all been computer generated since the aircraft does not yet exist. The aircraft was painted with the help of schematic drawings and models that Boeing supplied to the artist. This painting was created to celebrate the business relationship between Rolls Royce, their engine customer Northwest Airlines and friends at Boeing. The Dream Liner is Boeing’s vision of the future of point-to-point airline travel. The aircraft has the range to operate both domestically and on the international stage as well. Much of Northwest’s history has been tied to their international Asian routes.

Rick Herter thought the tie between the new world of aviation technology and the old world of China made a perfect match both in image and name, hence the title “The New Dynasty.”

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