Heading Home Reflections

Heading Home Reflections

Two weary pilots, heading home after a tough mission, are treated to God’s pallet as the sun’s fading light paints the sky. This piece evokes a feeling of peace in the midst of war.

The Corsair was one of the most celebrated fighter/bomber aircraft in the Pacific theater. As well as being a tough adversary in air-to air combat against Japanese fighters, the airplane could also be used as a dive bomber and fitted with rockets became a perfect choice for supporting troops on the ground. The airplane performed so well during World War II that it was carried over and used in the Korean War. The F-4U was made famous in the 70’s TV show Baa Baa Black Sheep which depicted the story of Marine flying ace, Gregory “Pappy” Boington. The famed Navy Ace, Ira Kepford, of VF-17, the Jolly Rogers, flew the plane in scoring many of his aerial victories as well. The two F-4U Corsairs depicted in this painting by Rick Herter were from the Second Marine Air Division, based at Kadena airfield on the island of Okinawa late in the war.

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Bent Wing Sonata

Bent Wing Sonata Aviation ArtThough not a specific event, Bent Wing Sonata by Rick Herter, typifies air combat action in the South Pacific during WWII. As American Army Air Corp B-24 Liberators leave the target area, they are met by their regular aerial foe, the Japanese Zero. On this day the Liberator crews have some added safety in the form of U.S. Navy Corsairs from VF-17 the Jolly Rogers.

A Zero has just been struck and the pilot struggles to free himself from the smoking aircraft. The victorious Corsair pilot takes in the scene as he flys by. The Navy pilot’s sense of victory and jubilation is tempered though because he knows that the nature of air combat is fickle. Though today he is the victor, tomorrow the role may be reversed. Today we’ll drink a toast but tomorrow the song and dance will begin anew.

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