In April of 2016, the 190th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron deployed from its home base at Gowen Field, Idaho.  The 190th represent the citizen airman of the Idaho Air National Guard. The Skullbangars as they are known flew to Incirlik airbase in Turkey and immediately commenced round-the-clock airstrikes against ISIS. The A-10 Warthogs provided close air support for troops on the ground, destroyed ISIS buildings, and attacked the terrorists where ever they were found to be operating. During the deployment the Warthogs fired over 167,000 round of 30MM in addition to dropping thousands of precision guided bombs on the enemy.

In this dramatic scene, 2 Hogs are working together during an early morning mission. The lead Hog has just smoked ISIS fighters seeking concealment in an orchard below while the second A-10 has just blown up a vehicle born IED on the roadway.  In the distance you can see smoke from ISIS held buildings.

Retribution!  is available in two versions:

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CAS with Teeth

In 2003 Rick was invited by the Air Force to travel to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. While there, he would help historically document the Air Force mission through art for the Air Force Art Program. The artist flew several missions over the length and breadth of the country. One of the places he visited was the captured Iraqi Air Base at Tallil, which is near Basra. A-10 Warthogs from the 110th Fighter Wing, Michigan Air National Guard and the 23rd Fighter Group, Pope Air Force Base, were flying missions from the air base against Iraqi targets.

CAS is the military term for Close Air Support. In this dramatic scene a Hawg from the 23rd FG, 74 FS makes a tight, descending turn as he begins ingress against a target in downtown Baghdad. The Hawg pilot has started to dispense flares to draw off any potential SAM missiles from his heavily armed aircraft. In the distance you’ll notice the Hawg driver’s wingman pulling up to altitude after his attack on the target. The reference photos used in this painting were taken by the artist on one of his missions over Baghdad.

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