From the Studio to Thailand

It continues to fascinate me that I can work with people around the world via modern technology and the internet. This painting of the USS Enterprise on Yankee Station during Vietnam is one of my current projects. The piece was commissioned by a customer in Bangkok, Thailand.

As the painting has come to life, I’ve been able to email these photos of progress every few days.   My customer, Chakrit, has been able to interact with me and watch his painting come to life. It’s not quite as personal as having him come by the studio and watch. Nonetheless, technology has connected customer and artist and we’ve both had fun as a result!

If you may be interested in commissioning an original painting, go to the “contact” tab and shoot me a note! Or feel free to email me at  We can discuss options that make a piece affordable for almost anyone.





Tonight in the studio…


The USS Enterprise drawing “on the canvas” is nearly finished. I’ve been experimenting with the sizes and angles of the Phantom launching off the catapult, the rescue helicopter, and the escort destroyer. The next thing I’ll do before beginning to paint is to sketch in the basic skyscape. Once finished, this painting will begin a long journey to its new home with a collector in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Dawn Operations, Abe Lincoln Style

The USS Lincoln, like many of her sister ships, are floating cities. Each is a self-sustained floating airport that’s sovereign U.S. territory. When deployed, they operate with their own ZIP code, post office, hospital, dental clinic, barbershops, athletic facilities and chapels. More than 18,000 meals are prepared daily for a crew of over 5000. The Carrier Air Wing, or CVW operates with approximately 80 aircraft from rescue helicopters to fighter aircraft and the ship and aircraft operate 24/7.

In my painting I wanted to capture this awesome warship that never sleeps, juxtaposed to even greater elements of the sky and sea at dawn. If you look closely you’ll see an aircraft about to be launched, it’s afterburners glowing in anticipation of being flung down the deck by the catapult. Aircraft from past deployments like the now retired F-14 Tomcat sit parked near the fan tail of the vessel. And on final approach an F/A-18 Hornet is about to trap (land) aboard. You also see one of the many additional vessels of the Carrier Battle Group. An escort destroyer plies the waters ahead of the mighty Lincoln giving protection and support on another long day of operations. As the artist I dedicate this painting to all sailors, past and present, who stand watch worldwide for liberty and freedom.

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Order: Dawn Operations, Abe Lincoln Style

Signed and numbered.

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• 172 Printed Paper Editions …$125
Printed size: 11″ x 21″

• 172 Canvas Limited Editions (Unstretched/Shipped Rolled)…$245
Canvas size: 14″ x 24″

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Blue Water Ops

This KA-6 Intruder pilot will breathe a sigh of relief after he has touched down aboard the carrier USS Ranger (CV-61) just before sunset. Those last critcal moments before touchdown are never routine and never taken for granted by any carrier pilot.

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Signed by the artist and numbered

  • 950 Limited Paper Editions – Image Size:  27″ x 18″   Overall Size 23″ x 31″   $125