Sword of Thunder

Sword of Thunder

Sword of Thunder (click for larger image)

From the earliest days of armed conflict, mankind carried weapons into battle under the power and intimidation of Horseback. Warriors from the all four corners of the globe charged into the face of their enemies with the advantage of height, speed, power. and the thunderous noise of an oncoming cavalry.

This painting, “Sword of Thunder,” was commissioned by the Boeing Company to celebrate the delivery of the new Apache Longbow presented to The Royal Saudi Land Forces of Saudi Arabia.┬áThe RSLF traces their history back to Bedouin warriors riding into battle on their powerful, beautiful Arabian steeds.

In this painting, Rick captures the power, intimidation, and lethality of the modern helicopter gunship juxtaposed to the warrior history of centuries prior.

This painting is available in a variety of sizes on both Canvas and Paper.



First with Guns

Dedicated to the spirit of the helicopter gunship pilot, this print honors the proud history of attack helicopters. The dramatic print captures over 40 years of U.S. Army aviation history. Beginning with the Huey UH-1B in Vietnam, transitioning to the AH-1 Cobra and finishing with the Boeing Apache Longbow over an Iraqi backdrop, this print has something for every gunship fan.

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Signed by the artist and numbered

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  • 334 General Editions….$75
  • 100 Artist’s Editions*….$125
  • Overall size: 23″ x 31″
  • Image size: 18″ x 27″* The Artist’s Edition is similar to an artist’s proof. The print is the same as the General Edition, but the print run is smaller.


Clearing the Path

The silence of the rugged Afghan landscape is broken by the shock and awe of British airborne forces. The path through enemy territory is cleared by the ferocity of an AH-64 Apache Longbow flown by the British 9th regiment. Coming in hot on the Apache’s heels is a CH-47 Chinook carrying in British ground forces. The original painting of Clearing the Path was commissioned by a corporate client of Rick Herter’s and presented to the British 9th Regiment in honor of the unit’s heroic service in Afghanistan.

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Signed by the artist and numbered

  • 200 Limited Editions….$110
  • Overall size: 20″ x 25″