In April of 2016, the 190th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron deployed from its home base at Gowen Field, Idaho.  The 190th represent the citizen airman of the Idaho Air National Guard. The Skullbangars as they are known flew to Incirlik airbase in Turkey and immediately commenced round-the-clock airstrikes against ISIS. The A-10 Warthogs provided close air support for troops on the ground, destroyed ISIS buildings, and attacked the terrorists where ever they were found to be operating. During the deployment the Warthogs fired over 167,000 round of 30MM in addition to dropping thousands of precision guided bombs on the enemy.

In this dramatic scene, 2 Hogs are working together during an early morning mission. The lead Hog has just smoked ISIS fighters seeking concealment in an orchard below while the second A-10 has just blown up a vehicle born IED on the roadway.  In the distance you can see smoke from ISIS held buildings.

Retribution!  is available in two versions:

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A Remarque is a original drawing that Rick creates in the border area of your print. Since this is a hand drawn, original piece of art, this option adds a significant increase in the rarity and value of your paper print.

Last Demo, Baby

Last Demo, Baby


Who can forget the Hollywood film Top Gun? Though the movie put a young Tom Cruise on the map the real star of the show was the mighty F-14 Tomcat!

The Grumman build fighter was the U.S. Navy’s fleet defense fighter from 1975 until 2005. Being assigned to a Tomcat squadron was the dream of every Naval aviator during those years. Only the best were selected for Tomcats.

This painting depicts the final air show demonstration flown by an F-14 crew prior to the retirement of all Tomcats from Navy service in 2005.  Last Demo, Baby was commissioned by Radar Intercept Officer (RIO)  Joe “Smokin” Ruzicka. Smokin who had the distinction of flying the final air demo with his pilot, Jack “Rocco” Tangredi.

Last Demo, Baby is available in three versions:

  • Archival Paper Print, Limited Edition: Size is 15″ x 25″ – Signed and numbered limited edition of 114 prints is $179
  • Limited Edition Rolled Premium Canvas: Size is 18″ x 30″ – Signed and numbered canvas is $365
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Strike of the Habu

Strike of the Habu

The SR-71 Blackbird is one of the most iconic airplanes of the 20th century. Build by Lockheed in the early 1960s the mysterious reconnaissance aircraft flew higher and faster than any manned aircraft before or since. During the Cold War Blackbirds flew missions on a regular basis against Soviet targets and had over 1,000 missiles launched against it over the career of Blackbird operations. In this painting the landscape below is the Russian Naval base at Petropavlovsk on the Kamchatka peninsula. This area was a regular target for SR-71’s based at Kadena air base on Okinawa. Along with ballistic missile submarines, a major MiG base and ground base ballistic missile test sites were located in this area and made for a treasure trove of photographic and ELINT intelligence gathered on Blackbird missions.

Strike of the Habu is available in three versions:

  • Archival Paper Print, Limited Edition: Size is 12″ x 18″ – Signed and numbered limited edition of 100 prints is $95
  • Archival Paper Print, Limited Edition: Size is 18″ x 27″ – Signed and numbered limited edition of 71 prints is $275
  • Limited Edition Rolled Premium Canvas: 22″ x 32″  signed and numbered limited edition of only 50 is $395

Dropping the Hammer, Operation Opera


DroppingtheHammer, Operation Opera

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Early in the evening of 7 June, 1982, eight Israeli Air Force F-16’s appeared in sky near Baghdad Iraq.

The target was the Osiris Nuclear Reactor at the Al-Tuwaitha Nuclear Research center. In this scene the last jet in the formation flown by Ilan Ramon has just dropped his bombs. The mission had been months in the planning stages and was led by IAF Col. Ze’ev Raz. The F-16’s chosen for the mission had only been in the IAF inventory for a little over a year and the airplane had never been flown in combat prior by either the United States or any of the allies operating the Fighting Falcon.

The operation was thought to be a one way suicide mission by several of the pilots, but after the successful strike, all the aircraft returned home and landed without a scratch. The threat to the nation of Israel neutralized!

Prints on archival paper:

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Limited edition canvas:
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Into the Wind; The USS Enterprise on Yankee Station

One of the most storied warships to ever sail the oceans was the USS Enterprise, CVN-65. The Enterprise, the world’s first nuclear powered aircraft carrier was launched on November 25, 1961 and served for 51 years until inactivated on December 1, 2012.

The first deployment at the tip of the spear for the gallant warship was in the fall of 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Rounding out her career, Enterprise and her strike aircraft supported combat operations in the skies over Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Into the Wind, Enterprise on Yankee Station” depicts a typical combat service off the coast of Vietnam.  The waters off the coast of Vietnam were nicknamed “Yankee Station” by the carriers and their crews. In this particular scene, fighters and strike aircraft from the Carrier Air Wing launch into the color drenched, tropical sky for an early evening attack on North Vietnamese targets. F-4 Phantoms will provide the protective escort against enemy MiG’s while A-6 Intruders and A-4 Skyhawks will rain steel.

As the artist, my hope is that this image will be a fitting tribute to the great ship and all who crewed and flew from her deck, during times of peace and war.

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• Limited Edition Canvas – Signed and numbered – Canvas is shipped rolled.

Size is the same as the original oil painting – 20″ x 36.    $495.00

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In the Courtyard of God

A Navy F-14 Tomcat from Fighter Squadron Two, The Bounty Hunters, cruises above a brilliant sunlit cloud deck. As the crew makes haste for their destination the subtle colors of the afterburner are visible against the oncoming night sky.

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Not your squadron? The canvas edition can be customized to include your squadron markings and even F-14 variant!  Contact me for details.

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*Add customization to any squadron markings or Tomcat model variant! (Please indicate squadron and variant in comments section during checkout.)


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Pacific Thunder

Since its 1953 inception, the United States Air Force Air Demonstration Team, The Thunderbirds, have flashed through the sky in awesome displays of aerial thunder. The team has been called “America’s Ambassadors in Blue.”  They have visited all 50 states and over 60 nations. The team has flown aircraft from the F-84 to the F-16 before nearly 300 million people, never having to cancel a show due to mechanical difficulties.

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First Pass, Defenders Over Washington

Captain Dean Eckmann of the 119th FW, North Dakota Air National Guard, makes his first pass in his F-16 over the Pentagon near Washington DC, September 11th, 2001 (9-11-2001) following the terrorist attack. Scrambled from Langley AFB, VA, Capt Eckmann led an F-16 flight of three fully armed aircraft in providing the first combat air patrol (CAP) over Washington, DC in history. In this dramatic portrayal, Capt Eckmann is seen making his initial low level high speed pass over the Pentagon. It has been said that many Pentagon Employees actually cheered upon seeing the F-16, “one of our own” was now protecting the skies over Washington, DC.

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(Notable update: We received a first-hand report from an Army contractor who experienced the terror of the day, that they definitely cheered upon seeing the F-16. Here’s his eyewitness report:

Flight 77 hit my section, 3D450, and then, as we were in the E Ring trying to rescue people, the chopper pad fuel tank cooked off, which sent shock waves through the building and forced us out.

In South Parking, most cell phones were down, but a few were up as tens of thousands left the building – it can hold about 23,000 – and someone said, “another plane is coming.” It must have been Flight 93. It was unsettling, and we braced for the unknown.

Shortly thereafter, we heard a very shrill jet engine whine come from the National Airport area – definitely not a passenger aircraft – and there shot the F-16, in my estimation less than 2,000 feet of the deck. He tilted toward the Pentagon City Mall a little, and we could see his helmet. Hundreds of fists shot up and shouts of ‘Yeah!’ rang out. It sounded like applause at a rock concert.

He actually rocked his wings to let us know he’d seen us. We knew he’d take care of us, and it was inspirational to say the least.”

Signatures (paper editions only):

  • Dean ECKMANN
  • Brad DERRIG


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